Feedback from Viktória Jánoki-Kis

Wednesday evening, the Budapest Film Academy’s premier was like sitting on a roller coaster made up of fascinating movies. We watched the eight awarded movies in about three hours accompanied by the audience, who filled up the cinema hall. The shown movies, coming from various countries, were remarkably creative in many aspects. My three favourites were the Israeli, the Palestinian, and the American productions.


The Israeli short movie called MOLOTOV won the title for the best editing, which would have been obvious even if Jenő Hódi, the host of the evening hadn’t shared this fact with us before the screening. The various, rushing images of speeding motorcycles, intimate encounters, and protests in the streets were shown in a vivid, revolving pace, which grabbed us and took us into the movie’s world in a matter of seconds. Although I am not into the Covid based conspiracy theories, I thought the work had a really strong atmosphere and a unique point of view. ( Film editor: Ariel Semmel)


The best actor award and the outstandingly creative filmmaker titles were given to the Palestinian short movie called THE PRESENT. This might have been the most beautiful work among all the others. The “simple” story of purchasing a fridge, in which the main actor played by Saleh Bakri guided us into the depths of our souls using only a couple of slight gestures. I was holding my breath till the last moment waiting for the end. (Director: Farah Nabulsi)


The American short movie titled: THE LETTER ROOM won the best movie award. The story is focused on a kindhearted prison guard and his everyday life, spiced with appealing humour and a perfect sense of porportion. This piece of work reinforced me that the creators of the movie managed to master their nation’s professionalism in the movie industry that is deeply rooted in their traditions. (Director: Elvira Lind)