We look forward to having you join us and compete for the exceptional main awards which will present you with a cost free opportunity for joining our international program at no cost. You will have the possibility to learn about your craft and have the possibility to meet internationally well-established filmmakers.

We know that for you it is important to be recognized for your talent. Therefore, our professional screeners will review your short film and the highest scored ones will become part of the official selection.


Our international jury will award the best short films and best short scripts. All of them will receive an official laurel and an achievement certificate. The main categories winners will compete for the free of charge opportunity for learning from established filmmakers in the industry.


These winners will get an invitation to attend a class at the BUDAPEST FILM ACADEMY. The classes are: directing, writing, creative producing, cinematography and editing.


Winner announcements will be released through our social media to help promote your film.


Our Festival is a great opportunity for a new generation of film directors who will receive our team’s support during the whole process.

The audience award is a combination of the audience votes, the votes by the pre-screeners and by the judges.

Beyond the above mentioned awards, if we find a short script which we are really excited about, we will produce that movie. This will give the writer an opportunity to extend his/her iMDB page, and hopefully get some festival wins attached to his/her name.


☞ Best Genre Script



☞ Best Experimental Script



☞ Best Documentary Script



☞ Best Script with Feature                 Potential



☞ Best Short

☞ Best Experimental Short

☞ Best Animation Short

☞ Best Documentary Short

☞ Best Director

☞ Best Student Filmmaker

☞ Best Actor

☞ Best Actress

☞ Best Cinematography

☞ Best Editing

☞ Best Screenplay

☞ Best Producer

☞ Best Original Score

☞ Best Production Design

☞ Visionary filmmaking

☞ Audience Award (Vote here!)


The BEST SHORT FILM, BEST DIRECTOR and BEST STUDENT FILM winners get extra help from us to make their first feature film.

If they decide to make a feature film within 2 years of winning the award, and will do the entire post production at the best Hungarian post production house (FocusFox), they get 10.000 EUR support from FocusFox, as an additional prize for their award. More information about FocusFox at:

Furthermore, if they make their feature film within 2 years, and they rent all their equipment needs from 2.8 Aladdin Equipment, they get another 10.000 EUR support from 2.8 Aladdin Equipment, as an additional prize for their award. More information about 2.8 Aladdin Equipment at:

A strong possibility exists for your WINNING SCRIPT to be produced by us. See other short film productions from us: