Feedback from Vivien Kovács

I would like to thank the Budapest Film Academy for this experience! I find it really important to have similar small film festivals, where the career-starters or the talented artists in this profession can display their works independently of politics, country, age or gender.


In my opinion, it is completely fair that the BFA’s movies cannot enter the competition, however, one of them is shown before the contest. This way the BFA gives a chance also for our own movies to be presented on the big screen and the contest stays fair regardless. I’m more than happy, that The last of the Ushers short movie made by the BFA was chosen for this purpose, it was excellent to open the festival.


Besides being a special experience, this event was also educative, since next to the practice I believe that real-life examples are the ones that help us learn the tricks of filmmaking. We watched many styles of movies from many countries, and this is what made this couple of hours so lively and truly exciting. I liked that we could watch movies that were given so many different awards. We saw beautifully lightened films, movies with unbelievable scenery and some wonderful directions as well. I will definitely attend the next screening also if I can.